What is crepe myrtle?

What is crepe myrtle?

Crepe myrtle ( Lagerstroemia fauriei) is an ornamental tree that produces beautiful flower clusters, ranging in color from purple to white, pink, and red. Blooming usually takes place in summer and continues throughout fall.

What is the most daunting aspect of crape myrtle care?

The most daunting and incorrectly practiced aspect of crape myrtle care is pruning. Crape murder usually occurs when an overly enthusiastic homeowner severely cuts back top branches on crape myrtle trees, ruining the natural shape and form of the lovely landscape specimen.

Can You prune crepe myrtle in winter?

When you prune your Crape Myrtle the proper way it will will maximize blooms, promote new growth and give your plant a great shape. That said.. Your pruning is done in winter when the Crape Myrtle is dormant, between the months of December and February.

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How do you propagate a crepe myrtle from seed?

Once brown, these seedpods split open, resembling small flowers. These seed capsules usually ripen in the fall and can be collected, dried and saved for sowing in spring. To propagate crepe myrtle from seed, gently press the seeds into moist potting mix or composted soil using a regular sized pot or planting tray.

Can You transplant a mature crepe myrtle?

We’ll provide lots of tips for crepe myrtle seed harvesting. Click here for more information. If your mature crepe myrtle needs to be transplanted, it’s critical to be on top of the procedure. When to transplant crepe myrtle?

Is there a problem with crepe myrtle tip blight?

These lovely trees are usually trouble free, but even crepe myrtles have a few issues that crop up. One of these is called crepe myrtle tip blight. What is crepe myrtle blight?

How long does it take for crepe myrtle seeds to germinate?

It takes up to three weeks for the crape myrtle seeds to germinate. Remove the plastic cover and place the pots under a 40 watt fluorescent shop light. Position the light at least 8 inches above the plant.

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How do you move a crepe myrtle?

Moving crepe myrtles requires a bit of digging. First, dig out a new planting hole. It has to be large enough to fit all of the tree’s current roots, but somewhat wider, to allow those roots to expand. Next, you need to dig out the tree.

What does a crapemyrtle look like?

The common crapemyrtle is a deciduous, small to medium sized shrub or small tree with a variable, moderately dense habit, often multi-stemmed form. The showy pink flowers have wrinkled petals like crepe paper.

What zone does crape myrtle grow in?

The crapemyrtle (crape myrtle) can be expected to grow in Hardiness Zones 6–9.

How much does a dynamite crepe myrtle tree cost?

Zones 7-9. Dynamite Crape Myrtle. $54.50– $79.50. Crape Myrtles. Crape Myrtles (sometimes spelled Crepe Myrtles) are shrubs or small trees that are widely grown in warmer regions for their large, dramatic and colorful flowers which are produced all summer.

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How do you use a dwarf crepe myrtle tree?

Crape myrtles make versatile additions to the garden, here are some ideas for how to use them: Use single specimens as a focal point. Use dwarf varieties as colorful additions in borders and beds. Plant multiple dwarf or medium-size crapes together to form a deciduous hedge. Dwarf varieties make excellent choices for large containers.

Can you plant crepe myrtle in the summer?

Crape myrtles are very resilient and can be planted most any time of year, even in summer — just be sure to water them well. Crapes love the sun and are extremely heat tolerant. They should be planted in an area with at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. Some partial shade during the day is fine, but may result in fewer blooms.